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 Why is an Alunite Franchise a good idea?

The 1st reason is that South Africa has an enormous housing backlog which, compounded by population growth, will almost certainly increase to crises proportions in the years ahead. Homes are desperately needed by all sectors of the population and needed as cheaply and quickly as possible. The demand for the products that our franchised branches manufacture, supply and/or install, will increase in line with the need for housing.

Secondly, wood and steel windows and doors have become increasingly unpopular because of continued high maintenance and deterioration of the product, such as rotting and rust, over time.

Replace Wooden WindowsThirdly, because of the rising costs of building and the recessionary climate we find ourselves in, the average homeowner cannot afford to build the home of his/her dreams and rather upgrade and beautify their existing house by removing the unsightly wood of steel windows and doors and replacing it with aluminium products of their own design and colour.

The 4th reason is that of providing a service to the public. Alunite has become a well-known brand and name in the major centres throughout South Africa and there are far to too genuine aluminium product manufacturers that have good systems in place, the right infrastructure to produce excellent products and the backing of other franchise family members and the franchise office for advice and support. The result is that the end user, in a market dominated by 2 or 3 major groups with heavy overhead cost structures who mass produce standard products, can now obtain custom-made products in a market which dictates custom sizes, configurations and powder coated colours.

Replace with AluminiumThe final and best reason of all for franchising with Alunite is profit. You will undoubtedly make more money than a salaried man.

How much money? Well, it depends on the available funding and the size and location of the premises.

Above all, it depends upon the amount of drive and dedication you bring with you into the business.


Custom Design, Custom Size, Custom ColourYour Alunite will be your business and you will be completely autonomous. There will be no interference in the running of your business as long as you adhere to the franchise agreement.

You will, therefore, have independence and the chance to be your own boss plus the knowledge that there is a highly motivated and experienced management team at the top to help with problems which may arise.

From The Franchise Office

A typical Alunite store layout and activitiesThe franchisor would like to reiterate the assurance of support given, as portrayed in the website, to the new and prospective Alunite owners. To most, the move to owning one’s own business will be an important one. The concern that it may not be successful leads to indecision, your partner’s feelings of insecurity must be kept in mind, and many other issues must be verified.

The entry into this manufacturing and service orientated world can, however, be very exciting!

The franchisor and its team are ready and willing to help with sound advice based on years of experience.

Jonathan Fleming

Phone: 071 642 9247


  • Owned and managed the first Alunite store that opened in Cape Town in 2006.
  • Co-owner of Alunite Killarney Gardens that opened shortly afterwards.
  • Owned and managed Alunite Parow.
  • Joined the Alunite Franchise Office in 2008 and soon assumed the reins of managing the Alunite franchise.